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Our digital garment printing process allows for vibrant, full color images!

Absolutely No Minimums | Not a Pressed on Print | Excellent Washability | We can print 1 to 1000+

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What We Do

We offer three methods of printing, Direct to Garment, Screenprinting, and Dye-Sublimation. Between these three methods, we can decorate anything from T-shirts to Coffee Mugs; with no minimum. If you’re looking for a gift, we can print one t-shirt or one mug (no job is too small) or if you are looking for hundreds of shirts for an event we can help; 99% of jobs are completed in-house, but if for some reason we can’t help in-house we have a network of partners across the country and can support your needs.

Direct to Garment Printing

Custom printed T-shirts that are printed via Direct to Garment (DTG) have no minimums, can have unlimited colors and halftones with no extra “fees” and can be printed with a fast turn around. DTG Printing uses CMYK + White Ink to digitally print anything from plain text to a photo on a t-shirt, hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt and more.


Screenprinting is considered to be the “traditional” method of printing a custom t-shirt, it is done by having each color of ink that needs to be printed pushed through a mesh screen onto a garment. Screenprinting is a great way to create custom printed t-shirts at an affordable price when you have 24 or more garments that need to be printed (more if it’s a complex design). DTG is a better option for lower quantity custom printed T-Shirts, hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts. We can explain the best method for your specific custom t-shirt printing needs.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation printing is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals, and polyester cloth. Sublimation ink is unique in its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form. (Just like dry ice.) The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure and time. 

What do we sublimate?
With such a broad variety of products, we have chosen to focus on Mugs, Metal Christmas Ornaments, Aluminum water bottles, Keychains, coasters, Jewelry, and Flip Flops.

Apparel Design Studio

Use our design studio to create your own custom printed T-shirt, hoodies or apparel!

Design DTG, Screenprinted and Sublimlation products

Graphic Design Services

Got an idea for a custom printed T-Shirt? Not sure how to make your idea a reality? We can help; we offer a wide range of design services; from logo design to a custom printed T-Shirt for a kids birthday party.

Custom Online Store

We can create a low-cost (sometime free*) custom store for your school, non-profit or business so you can order your custom printed t-shirts, hoodies, and more anytime, anywhere!

*Order size over $500

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